Keena McKillen

Freelance Delphi Facilitator

Author of: What is a Delphi process?

Keena started her academic career by completing a PhD in electrophysiology and spending several years as a post-doctoral researcher in laboratories in the UK and USA. In 1997, Keena moved from ‘doing’ science to ‘communicating’ science by moving to work in the medical education agency environment.

Since then, Keena has held a number of senior leadership positions in international medical communication agencies, such as Director of Education, Client Services Director and Publisher.

Since 2011, Keena has been working as an independent consultant, supporting the development and delivery of educational programmes in healthcare. Her expertise in science, training and facilitation propelled her into becoming a Delphi practitioner. She has led and consulted on a range of Delphi processes in a wide range of healthcare areas, from supporting the development of a consensus guideline for best practice management of psoriasis in the Nordic region to establishing treatment comparators to inform health economic models used in health technology appraisals.