What is your opinion?


The words above show some of the comments we received when we asked our readers what they thought about the What is …?  series. 75% of readers said they would recommend the series to friends/colleagues and 100% of our readers found the series to be of great benefit. We also received the following question: ‘Why is this series no longer free of charge?’ Our series was previously funded by a commercial sponsor, which is why it used to be free of charge. As the series is now an in-house publication, it is no longer free, as we need to recognise the time our group of fantastic authors take to contribute content. The benefit of not being sponsored means we have the freedom to deliver the titles you want, in the format you want.

For our new poll, we’d like to understand whether you’d like to see the What is…? series in a different format.

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We are still keen to hear your views. Don’t forget to complete our questionnaire, which is still open for responses. Please click here to complete it. Thanks in advance for your responses, which are an important contribution to the future success of the What is …? series.